The Green Gift Company launches first of its kind subscription box service.

The gift shop that specializes in personalized gifts introduces a brand new subscription box. Monogram Monthly Subscription Box has got monogram lovers jumping at the chance to get personalized surprises delivered to them for half the cost of retail!

Monogram Monthly first launched this week on August 21st 2015 to a limited list and is now available to everyone at

Each month The Green Gift Company showcases some of their best selling products in the Monogram Monthly box. Subscribers get significant discounts compared to retail prices and with two different price points there is a package for everyone's budget. Monogram Monthly Decals package is $10 with a $20 retail value and includes two to five personalized decals each month. The Premium package is $30 with a $60-$80 retail value and includes two to five decals and one to two monogrammed or personalized items. 

It seems like there is a subscription box for almost anything these days, but Monogram Monthly is taking it further by providing a personalized experience in every box. Each box is customized with not only names and/or monograms but also the subscribers color and interest preferences. Subscribers also get to interact in a private group forum where they can vote for items and colors that will be featured in the next month's box! There is even a gift option where you can buy single boxes for friends! Whether you get it for yourself or gift it to a friend there is really no going wrong with this subscription box! 

For more information about Monogram Monthly visit or on instagram @monogrammonthly.

Monogram Monthly: What is it and GIVEAWAY!

If you are obsessed with monograms then you came to the right place! Monogram Monthly is a monogram subscription box that delivers monograms and personalized goodies to your door each month! Most of the items come from our shop The Green Gift Company and can be bought separately too! 

Subscription boxes are nothing new BUT Monogram Monthly is certainly the first and only one of its kind! Monogram Monthly is an affordable subscription service like no other because all the items are personalized just for you, with items made with your favorite colors and interests in mind. This box will be the best surprise you get or give each month. 


Package Options:

Monogram Monthly Decals - $10 and free shipping!

This includes:

-2-5 custom decals mailed directly to you every month.

-Detailed directions of how to apply the decals.

-Monthly emails with ideas of where to place your decals

-D.I.Y. tutorials on how to create unique decor with your decals.

-Access into our Facebook Group where you get to vote on what items will be included in upcoming boxes.

These decals come in 25 solid color options and multiple glitter and Lilly Pulitzer inspired prints! Decal sizes will range from multiple mini decals a month to our extra large decals, or a mixture of various sizes. You will receive a variety of colors and prints that you get to choose from when signing up for Monogram Monthly. You will receive some of the most popular fonts and decal styles from The Green Gift Company and subscribers will have the opportunity to vote on what they want to see in the next box too! 

For just $10 a month you will receive up to $20 worth of our beautiful decals. Every month a new set of surprises will be delivered to you at up to 50% off retail price!


Monogram Monthly Premium - $30 with free shipping!

This includes:

-2-5 custom decals mailed directly to you every month.

-2-4 Monogrammed and/or personalized items each month.

-10% off The Green Gift Company Shop.

-Detailed directions of how to apply the decals.

-Monthly emails with ideas of where to place your decals

-D.I.Y. tutorials on how to create unique decor with your decals.

-Access into our Facebook Group where you get to vote on what items will be included in upcoming boxes.

These decals come in 25 solid color options and multiple glitter and Lilly Pulitzer inspired prints! Decal sizes will range from multiple mini decals a month to our extra large decals, or a mixture of various sizes. You will receive a variety of colors and prints that you get to choose from when signing up for Monogram Monthly. You will receive some of the most popular fonts and decal styles from The Green Gift Company and subscribers will have the opportunity to vote on what they want to see in the next box too! 

Our best selling monogrammed items will also be delivered to your door every month at a discounted price. Favorites from The Green Gift Company shop like our monogrammed jewelry dishes, monogrammed frames, monogrammed tumblers, monogrammed coffee cups, monogrammed wine glasses and so much more may be waiting for you in your Monogram Monthly box! As a premium member you get more monogrammed surprises every month and also get our highest quality items including wooden monogram cutouts, monogrammed and personalized signs and many more premium items. When you sign up for the Monogram Monthly Premium package you also get 10% off of the items from The Green Gift Company shop!

For just $30 a month subscribers will get boxes with up to $70 worth of gifts from The Green Gift Company shop! You will save almost 60% off the retail price of our most popular items! Plus you get 10% off EVERYTHING else in our shop as long as you are a member!


We are getting a huge response to this new subscription box and are expecting the first months premium box to sell out fast!  Make sure to sign up at to be the first to know when we officially start taking subscribers for the first month. The first box will ship in September and we are so excited to announce that we will be giving away 1 free Monogram Monthly Premium box and 2 free Monogram Monthly Decal packages!

Let us know in the comments or on Instagram @monogrammonthly what you want to see in the Monogram Monthly box!


-Chelsea Green 

The story of my entrepreneurship.

I never had a dream of being a famous actress or singer. I just wanted to be like my parents, which is what I considered normal. My mom and dad are entrepreneurs and my mom was also a full time teacher until she retired a couple years ago. I always considered my family to be normal and happy but as I get older I have come to think of my childhood as far better than normal.

Although many people from my high school complained about the town we lived in or how they couldn't wait to move out of their house and get away, I was the complete opposite. I felt lucky to live here, a small beach town called Gulf Shores, in south Alabama. I stayed at here, went to college near home and commuted to school. I went to business school for a Marketing degree and didn't move out of my parents house until a few months before I got married.

My parents are amazing and have had the biggest influence on my life. I depend on them so much even now, for advice and help whenever I need it. The always worked very hard and when I was little I used to say I wanted to be a teacher like my mom. By high school I figured out I didn't want to be a teacher but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I liked the idea of being my own boss so I went to business school. Marketing was my favorite class so I decided to major in it. My Junior year my mom and I opened an ice cream shop because my family had an open space in their rental property and my parents didn't want it to be empty during the tourist season. I worked there full time while in school when we had it open, which was March through October. When I graduated I ended up buying the equipment from my mom and running it on my own.

I like my ice cream business. Its fun and fairly simple to run as far as businesses go. Most people are happy when they come in and I get to utilize my creative side by creating new sundaes and specials. I work a lot in the Summer and make enough to close in the Winter when it is really slow. I love owning my own business! I am off for 6 months every year and that is what led me to starting The Green Gift Company.


The first year I had the ice cream shop on my own I told my husband I wanted to open a gift shop one day. Where I could sell my hand made crafts and gifts. I love making things and I consider myself pretty creative. The Winter after my first year of owning the ice cream shop is when I opened my Etsy shop. My mom wanted me to make her some frames and since I had the wood I made some for myself too. I put one on Facebook and sold one the first day! I was so excited about that first sale! I wasn't expecting to sell one so fast but I was sure happy about it. I made an Etsy shop and had my first sale on there soon after that. The first few months on Etsy where slow but after a while my sales picked up and I had a pretty good first year for what I was considering a side job.

The Green Gift Company has been open for a year and a half now and I have learned that selling online can be hard, especially if you are making the items you are selling. It can be stressful and the Christmas rush was overwhelming! But I get so much happiness out of creating the new items in my shop that it is worth it. I eventually want to outsource some of my products and also sell products from other creative makers too. I always have 100 ideas running around in my head and find it hard to get myself focused sometimes. I think that is a sign of an entrepreneur!

I know I set out to be an entrepreneur, but I never thought that I would have two businesses so fast and love them both in different ways. I can't see myself stopping either of them because they are both such a big part of my life. Right now they work perfectly together and I am going to keep making the best out of both of them!

Introducing The Green Gift Company Gift Guides.

Have you ever been completely stuck when it comes to getting the right gift for a friend or family member? I think everyone has been at some point in time and this blog is devoted to helping you solve that problem! This is a place where you can find gift ideas for any occasion. Whether its a last minute birthday gift for a friend or a thoughtful anniversary gift for your significant other, this will be the place to go! introducing 

Giving a gift is so meaningful to me. When I give someone a gift I put a lot of thought into it and want the gift to show how much they mean to me. I have always LOVED giving gifts. At Christmas I am more excited about seeing my friends and family open their gifts than I am about opening my own. Every time a friend or a family member would come to my house they would look around at my decorations or crafts and say, “You could sell these!”. The same thing happened at bridal showers, birthdays, house warming parties and Christmas when I would show up with my handmade gifts. After a while I decided to listen to them and open up my own Etsy Shop, The Green Gift Company.

Not only do I enjoy making gifts, I love to shop for them too! My Pinterest Boards are full of gift guides that you can go to for ideas for the best gifts for any occasion. These gift guide boards are a mixture of handmade, store bought and D.I.Y. projects so that no matter what your budget or time frame is you will find the perfect gift for anyone. Find my Pinterest boards at I want to go even deeper by creating a place where you can find these ideas all in one quick place and that will be here on my blog!

After years of gifting experience and selling my gifts online for a year and a half now I know what people love to get! They want something that reflects their personality and interests. Something useful and pretty all at the same time. Though I specialize in gifts for women, I sell gifts for couples and men too! Most importantly I feel like the best gifts are ones that last for years to come and bring back a special memory every time you look at it. When opening a gift you want to feel like it was made just for you! Now that is a perfect gift!

P.S. & all women love a good monogram!

I love getting ideas from my readers so if you have any ideas for gift guide topics leave them in the comments below!

75 degrees in December.

Yes you heard me correctly! It is 75 degrees in South Alabama. This weather has put me in an odd mood. I feel like I should be wearing all my cute sweaters but instead I am still in shorts. I haven't even decorated for my favorite holiday yet... I have to say Christmas has slipped up on me I am usually the one who decorates in early November! I am dedicated to putting it up TOMORROW! I am writing it here so that means I am committed now, right? I am going to put pictures up of my house once I am done.

On another note last week during our Thanksgiving vacation in North Alabama it was 40 degrees. My husband and I stayed in a cabin at a state park and spent time with his family. We had bad phone service and my phone wouldn't pick up any wifi so I didn't have time to post about our trip. We did the usual things you do at a state park. Fishing, sat around a camp fire and ate smores, hiked a little and of course watched the Alabama vs. Auburn game!


I even got to see my best friend from high school! If was a great time!



When I got home I went straight back to work trying to get all those Christmas order out to all of you! Just a reminder my Etsy shop will be closing next week until January 1st. I will have to have that time to get all of your orders out in time for Christmas and hopefully have some time to spend with my family and friends!


A much needed Thanksgiving vacation.

I am writing this on my way to Joe Wheeler State Park in North Alabama. I am spending this Thanksgiving with my husband and his family and am so excited to get away. I love Fall weather and I am so excited to see all the leaves! I will note that I get car sick so this will be short and sweet.



If you care enough about my life to read this (HEY MOM) I am going to be updating here hopefully a couple times during this 5 day trip. I have been working really hard to get all my orders from my Etsy shop done and sent out so I can take this mini vaca. I have been overwhelmed with the sales this holiday season and since it is my first year open I really didn't know what to expect. It has been a little stressful and I'm going to relax as much as I can in the next 5 days. On this trip we will not have wifi and I don't know if I will even have cell service the whole time... This is as "unplugged" as I am willing to get!

Anyway, we are a few hours into this six hour trip and are listening to the Serial podcast (I think Jay did it)! Wally is just happy to be riding in the truck but has no idea how much fun he is going to have on this trip! 


I will take lots of pictures and keep you updated as much as I can. Everyone make sure to look around this year, be thankful for all you have and don't forget to tell those people you are thankful for how much you love them! Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, let me know below what you are doing this year!


A look inside my home... Dining room.

Decorating is one of the things that truly excites me. I may not be a professional but I do enjoy it. My house is the only thing on my decorating resume, and that is okay with me. I want to take you on a tour of my house starting with my favorite room. I have started adding some of my favorite D.I.Y. decorating projects to my Etsy shop and I feel like I have helped people decorate their home with my handmade signs. That makes me happy.

So here we go, my favorite room that I have decorated is my dining room.

It is the first room you walk into when you come into my house so even if nothing else looks good this room is always perfect. No we don't use this room a lot for eating. Unfortunately we eat most of our meals at the bar or on the couch; I know that is not good, but its true.


My beloved mason jar chandelier! It sounds funny when I say that out loud but I do absolutely love it. My husband surprised me with it for my birthday a couple years ago. He made it then hung it up and waited for me to notice, of course I didn't see it until the next day when he wasn't home. I jumped around like a little girl with excitement. He has a talent for always making me the best surprises and he can make anything he decides to. It is exactly my style and is really the star of this room.

Some of my other favorite pieces are my babies breath wreaths from my wedding. They where on the barn doors at our wedding and have found their permanent home in our dining room. In between the wreaths I have a pair of shutters I picked up at a thrift store and an old window pane. I painted the shutters white and printed our picture for SUPER cheap at Staples. It is printed like a Engineering Print and tacked to the back of the window.

rustic dinning room

Some of my favorite details of the room include these faux birch tree trunk candle holders from Hobby Lobby, I found them in the Christmas section last year. I have old mason jars, vases and an old lamp from an antique store as well as my wedding invitation cut into strips and placed in a jar given to me by my friend Christina over at Also my monogram burlap and wooden sign from my own Etsy shop.

I am also OBSESSED with my plates I found them at Old Time Pottery! No I don't actually use them, they are for decorative purposes, but they are exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for white plates with a beaded design. I had seen some dishes that I liked at Pier 1 that had a beautiful design and also some on Pottery Barns website, which where not as intricate as I wanted. So I didn't settle and searched a year or so before I found the ones I had pictured in my head. It was worth the wait because they are beautiful and cost half what the other plates I had seen cost!

On my other wall I have a custom sign from The Green Gift Company, candle holders from Kirkland's and a frame from my aunts basement that I found and added a picture from our wedding to.

Rustic dinning room

As the seasons change I will adjust my dining room décor a little and I am sure I will keep updating.

Let me know how you like my dining room in the comments and link pictures of your favorite room in your house there too!


The Green Gift Company

How I accomplish my goals. Free goal list printable!

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the things on my to-do list that I end up trying to rush through them. I get so anxious that they don’t get done right or I have to re-do them all together. When I was in college I was even guilty of having so many things to do that I would choose to do none of them! As you can tell, I may have a problem with procrastination too! Today I have more on my to-do list than ever and feel like I defiantly need a little motivation to get my long list done! I am going to show you how to turn your to-do goal list into a doable one!

Fall is my favorite time of the year mainly because of all the quality time I get to spend with my husband and the rest of my family. The amazing weather, holidays, football, spending time at my families hunting camp and the fact that I get to spend almost every weekend out on our boat all have something to do with it too! Fall also means that my ice cream shop Island Ice Cream closes for the season and this year I plan on focusing most of my time on The Green Gift Company. Along with all the goals I have for The Green Gift Company, I also have goals for my blog, my house, financial goals and probably too many to mention in one post. Now that the ice cream shop is closed I feel even more pressure to get all the things I have been neglecting at home and with The Green Gift Company in line.

I always seem to have a huge list of ideas but only get about a quarter of them done.  Starting an online business has been such a fun experience for me, mainly because I love what I am selling so much! Loving what you do is a HUGE impact of success in my opinion. Since I love what I sell the ideas are always flowing but I still have that problem of accomplishing all the Ideas and goals I set out to achieve.

Writing my ideas and goals down and even telling other people about them really encourages me to make them happen. If other people are expecting something out of me I am more likely to actually get it done in a timely manner. But the biggest thing that helps me is making it impossible for me to forget by putting my lists in plain sight. If you see your goals every day then you are one step closer to actually accomplishing them!

Recently I have become a Post-It note freak! I have been writing down and sticking my ideas everywhere and it has gotten a little out of control. I have so many lying around and I keep adding more to my collection even though I haven’t finished doing many of them. Hopefully this week I will make a change and actually finish some of them and here is my secret weapon that is going to help me do it!

Write straight on your print out or use mini Post-It's like I did!

The first step is writing down all the goals down on a list. Once you have everything you can think of  written down go back and number them by priority. Some of your goals may have two or more parts and that is OKAY! For example by the end of this month I would like to have 75 products listed for sale on my website, it is not very likely that that is going to happen all at once so a prerequisite would be that I add 10 new items this week. Another big goal I want to finish this year is updating some of the decorations in my house and that will defiantly need to be broken down into smaller goals like “re-decorating my bathroom” and “updating the living room décor”.  Once I had everything written down and prioritized I re-wrote everything down on my mini Post-It notes. Pick the goals that are most important and those are the ones that you can put on your goal list first. Please excuse my awful hand writing aka chicken scratch!

You can set up your weekly goals to help you accomplish your monthly and yearly goals. It will be so much easier to finish any project if you break it up! This will help you stay motivated and not feel like your goals are unattainable. Every small goal gets you one step closer to your big ones!

I put my goal list right beside my door on my magnet board because I walk by there so many times a day and that makes it impossible for me to ignore it! I also put some of my other goals beside my list, that way when I finish a goal there is always one waiting to be added! I hope this keeps you on track to accomplishing all your goals and I will keep you updated on how I am doing.

10 things you may not know about me.


1.My obsession with my dog (Wally) may be seen as a “problem” to outsiders.

Man or woman’s best friend is an understatement. He is the apple of my eye and until I have a real child I will call him my baby. We rescued him last winter and don’t know much about his first 7 months of life except he is a Great Dane Weimaraner mix. He slobbers everywhere and tears up furniture and pillows and every toy he has ever been given but that doesn’t change how much I adore him. In my eyes he is perfect.


2.I like being alone.

I don’t want to spend every moment alone of course and I do love spending time with my family. I just mean in general I like to be alone. I need time to work and read and let hours and hours of Netflix play in the background. I spend most of this time alone in my craft room.

Craft room

3. Planning parties makes me happy.

Planning my wedding was enjoyable to me. Of course I couldn’t have done it without all the help from my family, but it was so much fun. It’s not just my wedding, its birthdays and showers and retirement parties. I am down to plan pretty much any type of get together. It’s just a hobby; I don’t plan on becoming an even planner…although that could always be a backup plan.

4. I love to read.

I really wish I could do it more. I feel so overwhelmed with work that I never get around to it anymore

5. I am so close to my family.

My husband, mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephews mean the world to me. If I have a problem I call them. Any of them would drop anything they were doing if I needed them and come running (except my nephews, they are only 19 months old). I have some amazing aunts and uncles and grandparents too.  They make me happy and any time I am with any of them, I can’t express how much they mean to me.

6. I met my husband in high school.

He was 14 when I met him. That is absurd to think! He didn’t become my “boyfriend” until he was 15 and I was 16. I love him with all my heart and he is the most important person in my life. He has a way of making everything better. If something is really bothering me he has all the answers! He is perfect for me, I am so thankful.

7. My husband’s hobbies have become my hobbies.

He loves old cars and going out on the boat and now I love those things too. I like the car shows and going out on our boat every chance we get. Maybe it’s just because his hobbies are so loveable.

8. Most of my furniture is a hand-me-down or from a thrift shop.

The only furniture in my house that I bought from an actually furniture store is my couch and the recliner. I should really do a post about it I guess, that would probably be interesting.

9. I want to travel more.

I have so many places I want to see or see again. I love traveling. I like the kind of traveling where you are tired when you get back. Museums, fairs, monuments and sunsets, I want to see them all around the world.

10. I want to sail around the world too.

This may seem like a crazy dream since I have never even been on a sail boat, but it’s not that crazy! After watching the documentary Maidentrip, I turned to my husband and said I want to do that! Of course in Maidentrip it was a 14 year old sailing around the world alone and I can’t do that exactly. I wouldn’t want to do it alone anyway. I want to do it with my husband. So we talked about it and agreed that we would when we retired. We will travel the world and see all the exotic places that people dream of seeing. We actually talk about a lot, where we are going to go and how amazing it will be. It makes me smile every time I think about it.


My quick version of how to paint faux brick walls.

I recently opened a booth in The Rabbit Hole Marketplace. It’s a new marketplace near my house that is full of goodies. They have antiques, repurposed furniture and tons of handmade treasures. This makes it the ideal place for me because I love all those things! So the first thing I was thinking was what I wanted my booth to look like. We had to build our own walls because we are in the middle isle and of course my husband the perfectionist wasn’t going to settle for anything mediocre.

He wanted real walls, and he was going to build them himself. We thought about doing drywall but I wanted something more rustic. We decided to use pallet boards for the bottom and then I started searching for ideas for the top part of the walls. Of course I searched Pinterest but couldn’t find anything I loved. The only pictures of rooms I could find with half pallet walls were drywall on the top. Then I came across a how-to on white washing faux brick. I loved that idea but there are ZERO pictures online of a wall with half brick and half pallet. I was a little worried about how it would look but went for it anyway.

We bought the faux brick panels from Lowes and my husband made them into a wall. I can’t tell you how he did it because I have no idea on the details! In the first tutorial from, found here, they painted all the grout very carefully. Then she dry brushed the wall and went over that with a wet cloth if she got too much paint on it. She said it took several days to get it right. Hers turned out awesome but I was hoping that the process wasn’t going to take as long as she described.

I only had a few hours that I could donate to this project so I found another tutorial from here. In this one she did the first coat then let it dry a little and did a second coat and let it dry a little then whipped the paint off with a damp towel to make it look old. Her wall was beautiful but two coats also sounded very time consuming.  If you have more time than I did check both of those tutorials out because they are great but if you need it done in a crunch this is how I did it.

Here is one of the walls before. It is very clear that it is fake brick and looks a little cheap I KNOW, but I am going to fix that.

Faux brick before

I used semi-gloss paint because that is what I had already. I watered it down 50% paint and 50% water. Then started doing a mix of what tutorial 1 and 2 taught me. I spend what felt like forever painting and scrubbing and then got aggravated with the whole thing. There had to be a quicker way right? I felt like I would be up all night if I kept doing it this way and I wanted to be able to put the walls up the next day!

So for the next wall I dipped my paint brush in the paint and got a good amount on it. I painted roughly painted only the grout lines about 3 feet across and 1 foot tall. I wasn’t careful to not get on the brick, I wasn’t careful not to drip. It was messy and very unprofessional. After I got a section of grout painted my brush had very little paint left on it and that is when I lightly went over the rest of the brick in the section.


I actually liked how it looked and it was so much faster than the method I had tried before!

faux brick whitewash

Here is the finished project. I love love love how it turned out and I especially love how fast the process was!

If I could change one thing I would have caulked the seams of where we connected the panels of brick. But I am still happy with it and the best part is the painting only took a couple hours.

What am I passionate about?

It shouldn’t be that hard to think of what your passion is. To me passion is something you love or something you love doing. Something you can do or think about constantly and never get tired of it. According to Google, “passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for anything.”  So what do I have intense emotion and desire for?  I am lucky to have a passion for my life. My husband, my family, my jobs, my dog! What do I have to complain about, nothing! I probably need to remind myself that more. Of how great my life is and that I should make sure everyone in my life knows how much I love them and how happy I am. I feel like we should be passionate about many aspects of our lives and shouldn’t have to have just one passion. Probably the passion that is biggest in my life right now is my businesses.

If you would have asked me a few years ago when I first graduated college what I wanted to do with my life it would have been a lot less descriptive than my answer today. After graduating with a marketing degree the only thing a really knew was that I wanted to own my own business. I never imagined that I would be doing that so quickly.

I live in South Alabama, not many people think beach when you hear that but we have a beautiful one. In my community we depend on tourism in the summer. My family owns a convenience store in Gulf Shores near the beach and to build that store is the whole reason we moved here when I was little. In the same lot as our convenience store there are three rental spaces. In 2010 there was a restaurant, seafood market and custard shop in the spaces. That summer the BP oil spill hit our beach and tourism declined dramatically. There was oil on the beach and even though they where working to get it clean the news stations scared most of the tourist away that summer. The custard shop closed because of that and the rental space stayed empty all winter. My parents didn’t want the space to stay empty during the summer too so my mom and I decided to open an ice cream shop called Island Ice Cream & Treats. My parents fronted the money to open it and I worked there and went to school for two more years. When it was time for me to get a “real job” after graduating from college I decided I would buy it from my mom. She didn’t want to have to go in on a regular basis anymore and I liked working there so it all fell into place. I have been the owner for two summers now and it has been amazing to be my own boss. I have never regretted it one bit. I work long hours and go weeks and even months without a off day for half the year and then get to take it easy when the fall comes and tourist go home. Having a tourist based business allowed me to start another business. I started The Green Gift Company selling some of my crafts on Etsy and that has made me even happier and more fulfilled.

I love owning a business. I love making the decisions and being responsible if something works or if something doesn’t. I love coming up with new ideas and I am happy. Having my Etsy shop has made me even more happy and satisfied. It sounds weird to say “crafting is my passion” but I do love doing it. Just like at my ice cream shop I love coming up with new ideas of things to sell and love being able to make whatever I would like. I am responsible for my own income with both my jobs and if I don’t do well I am the only one to blame. Thankfully I am doing well and from all this I can say creating things is a passion of mine. In both my jobs I get to be so creative and that’s why I love them so much! I think about work all the time. I am always looking for new ideas or creative ideas for new products. I am never bored when I am creating new things. I would hate to have to go to work every day and be bored.

Right now at this point in my life I am exactly where I want to be. I have a good life; I don’t have one thing to complain about. I am content. I will always want to do more and be more successful but for now I am happy with the direction I am going. I am happy to be in this place in this time and I can only hope that things stay this good forever.


If you have time follow my Instagram account @thegreengift. I am having a giveaway this week for a free custom sign. Check out my account for details!


Who I am today.

To those who care to know, this blog post is going to be a little bit about me and an update on my life right now.  

Who am I? I’m Chelsea and I spend most of my time in a creative state of mind. I am lucky to have a job that lets me be creative every day. I love being busy and I stay that way with my ice cream shop, Island Ice Cream, and my Etsy shop The Green Gift Company. I love my businesses and I think my life is pretty great. I’m married to an amazing man, we have everything we need and more plus a perfect fur baby named Wallace!

I have wanted to have a blog for a couple years now but I never find the time to keep it up to date. It’s hard to set time to blog every week because there is always something else I need to be doing or want to be doing. I can’t imagine how all these awesome bloggers find the time to blog every week or every day for that matter! I want to blog about my crafts, my thrift shopping trips, my job, my family and basically my whole life! It shouldn’t be that hard to write about things you do every day, right? So let’s try this again, I WILL blog more starting today!

I am not 100% sure who would want to read a blog all about me and my life, but maybe one of my blogs will interest you. One of my “problems” may be that I try to do too much. I can’t put myself in a box so I will write about whatever interests me that day. I am engrossed in so many things so I will write about parties and cooking and making signs and wreaths and decorating and even ice cream! Everything that I like has a chance of getting on this blog.

So what had been keeping me from blogging? Life I guess and lately I have been spending a lot of time working on getting ready to open a booth in The Rabbit Hole Marketplace in Summerdale, AL. It’s not far from my house and it seemed like it would be fun to not only sell my products online but in an actual store. My husband and I spent a good amount of time working on building the booth walls (he is the builder and should take all the credit) and filling the booth with my products. We did the bottom of the walls with pallet wood and the top with faux brick with a white wash finish. It isn’t full yet but it is getting there and I am loving how it is looking so far!

All I can hope for this blog is that it entertains someone. I am not aiming to be an inspirational blog that will help you change your life. I just hope it will inspire readers to throw a great party or cook something new for their husband. I also want to be able to look back at this blog in a few years and remember how I spent my life. I have never even had a diary so I rely completely on memory for all my life stories. Having a blog may refresh my memory in the future. I hope I will look back on it and be proud.



Lovely Fall Couples Shower

Happy party planning everyone! This past weekend my family and I threw a couples shower for my cousin Jacob and his bride to be Payton. I love party planning so I took the lead and did the decorations and food planning but could not have done it without my mom, aunt and other family members who cooked and helped me put out all the decorations! Today I wanted to share some of the pictures from this lovely little shower!
This Fall shower was a mix of elegant lace and rustic burlap, to merge feminine and masculine together perfectly.


This Fall shower was thrown in a country home complete with a drive through the woods to get there. It was only right that it had rustic country touches with yummy comfort food and romantic decorations to make this the perfect shower for the location and the couple! The room was lit with many candles and had a romantic lace and burlap backdrop

The mason jar milk and cookie shot may have been my favorite part of this shower! The fruit was served inside waffle cones with yummy fruit dip on the side.

shower cake

The cake very simple with fresh yellow flower accents to bring in the Fall theme. It was French Vanilla with vanilla frosting and placed on a piece of tree trunk that was cut on our families property.

Another favorite was this creative take on a guest sign in. A family tree sign in pillow. I painted a tree on canvas fabric with their names and wedding date underneath. Everyone signed with their finger prints symbolizing Jacob and Payton's new family tree. When everyone had signed in I placed this pillow cover over a pillow insert and it was ready to go!

Some of Payton and Jacobs engagement pictures, candles, flowers and pumpkins where used to decorate.

We can't forget about the door décor which features these lovely wreaths. The first initial wreath featuring an "H" for the couples last name fits perfectly with the Fall theme and the burlap and flower wreath also fits right in with this rustic county shower.

These are just a few of the MANY wonderful gifts they got, including some of their favorites; Case kitchen knives, a handmade crochet blanket and a pistachio colored Kitchen Aid mixer!

Lots of love to this soon to be married couple. Welcome to the family!

The end of the Summer (as we know it)!

Labor Day weekend is about to be here and that marks the end of the summer for me. After Labor Day I close my ice cream shop for the off season (until March). This year I will be focusing on my online business, The Green Gift Company. Summer, (especially June and July) in my corner of the world means lots of work AND lots of play! Work hard, play hard as they say…who said that first again? So here is a quick round up of all my summer consisted of.

First off it was so hectic that I didn’t post a single blog, oops my bad! I promise to post more from now on. If you know me at all you know that I spent the majority of my summer at Island Ice Cream & Treats, dipping up the happiest dessert ever created… ICE CREAM! After spending every day at Island Ice Cream this spring I was more than happy to start taking some days off this summer. That’s the “play” I mentioned; my husband and I spent almost every weekend on our boat this summer, which made for some pretty amazing memories. The rest of the time I was at my ice cream shop or filling orders from my Etsy shop and This year was by far the best season yet at Island Ice Cream and I was so thrilled at how good we did and a plus was that we all had a pretty good time doing it! I have 3 employees plus my (awesome) mom who is always willing to come in if we get in a bind and need extra help. Nights at Island Ice Cream are always filled with laughter; we are either making fun of each other or singing at the top of our lungs and we always have a good time. With only one weekend left before we close Island Ice Cream for the off season I am feeling excited about the Fall AND for all I hope to do before the year is over. Here are some of the pictures from this summer, I can't believe it went by so fast!


Later I am going to post some of my goals for the Fall, because I feel like writing them will motivate me to actually do them!

Why my mom is my best friend.

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching I wanted to dedicate a post to my Mom. Around 6 years ago I made my mom a frame that said “All daughters become their mothers, that is their tragedy". It was a joke because the truth is, I hope to one day be as amazing as she is! When I was little I would ask my mom who her best friend was. Every time I asked she would always say I was. When she would ask me who my best friend was I would say whoever happened to be my best friend that year in school. I didn't get it, how could I be her best friend, I am her daughter. Now I get it!! I guess it was sometime during college that I "grew up" and realized how awesome she really was. I have been told all my life that I look just like her, but that's not the only thing I want to have in common with her.

Mom,  here is why I love you and why you are one of my best friends.

Mothers day blog

1.      You where majorette in high school and TWIRLED FIRE! If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is! If only I had a picture of you actually twirling the fire...

2.    Family is number one for you. No matter what you take care of us. I hope that our family will always be as close as we are now.

3.     After having your first baby you went BACK to school to get a teaching degree. I can't imagine having to go to school and having a toddler running around.

4.     You played dress up with me, then we would have photo shoots.

5.     You took me fishing.

Mom and daughter fishing.jpg

6.     You make pecan pie for every holiday. It’s your “thing”. Even If you do use the recipe off the Karo Syrup label!

7. You always took me shopping even though I know I drove you crazy.

 8.  You know how to make canned baked beans into a signature dish! Just add conecuh sausage, ketsup, mustard and brown sugar!

9. You gave your first cell phone number and phone to my brother. It was years before you got another cell phone and number just to give it to me a short time after that. Now you have another one but you never know where it’s at and don’t answer it half the time!

10. You and dad moved us to the best place on earth, Gulf Shores, AL.  You still send me pictures of the sunset all the time since I moved out.




12. You cried with me through a bad breakup.

13. Your mean Shitzu Roxy, the wicked witch of west beach, who used to be mine but now she is defiantly yours!

14. You always find a way to get things done and if I need help getting something done, you always help.

15. You sent me to college and gave me the opportunity to do anything I wanted!

16. Then you made it happen when we wanted to open an ice cream shop.

17. When I get overwhelmed at Island Ice Cream I know I can call you.



Perfect Wedding Dress


18. You were there when tried on probably 100 wedding dresses and when we found the right one everyone cheered because I had FINALLY picked one!

19. You tried your best to be involved in planning my wedding even though planning weddings is not your “thing”.  You passed on the planning duties to my aunt Sandra. But I had my dream wedding thanks to you and dad’s funding. Haha

Fairytale wedding.

20.You are the best grandma to my nephews that there ever could be!

21. You worked 25 years as a teacher.

22. Then you acted surprised when I threw you a retirement party.

23. Now you call yourself retired but you still teach online, do bookwork for dad’s store, babysit two or three times a week, help me if I ever need help AND you are looking for another job!

24. We have so much fun every time we are together. Our time is full of laughs and smiles. It doesn’t matter if it’s just me and you or a group we have the best time.

25. You have told me so many times I could sell the handmade gifts I make and that support helped me have the courage to start The Green Gift Company.

26. When I need someone you are always there when I call, so thanks for being my best friend. I love you.

Introducting The Girl Behind The Green Gift Company

I'm Chelsea, I have an obsession with anything creative aka cooking, crafting, and building... yada yada yada. I am 23; I have a major in business marketing, I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, the mother to an AWESOME puppy named Wallace and I'm the owner of my own business! An ice cream shop across the street from the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama called Island Ice Cream and Treats. How could life get any better? I love my job, most of my customers are happy ones and that makes me happy! My ice cream shop is only open half the year; so to fill all my other time I decided to start another business called The Green Gift Company. This is something that I love doing and defiantly doesn't feel like a "job" to me; selling my crafts, handmade items and personalized gifts online. I can honestly say I sell two of the “happiest” products in the world! What’s better than ice cream and gifts?

My husband, Logan, he is the most hardworking person I know. <3 him.

My husband, Logan, he is the most hardworking person I know. <3 him.

I have always LOVED giving gifts. At Christmas I am more excited about seeing my friends and family open their gifts than I am about opening my own. Every time a friend or a family member would come to my house they would look around at my decorations or crafts and say, “You could sell these!” The same thing happened at bridal showers, birthdays, house warming parties and Christmas when I would show up with my handmade gifts. After a while I decided to listen to them and open up my own Etsy Shop. Making the gifts you see in my Etsy shop make me HAPPY too!

So that brings me to writing this blog. I have wanted to have one for quite some time now but never could get motivated to. I started one about a year ago but only wrote two entries so does that even count? Starting The Green Gift Company has motivated me to start another one. I set up my blog thinking It could be a way to get my products out there and before I had even written my first post I decided this blog will NOT be all about my business, although it will have some of my business life sprinkled in.

I am going to write about EVERYTHING I am interested in. Of course that will include my businesses (The Green Gift Company and Island Ice Cream). But it will also include cooking, decorating, crafting, baking, posts about my husband, my puppy, my family… pretty much a blog about my entire life. So stick around, hopefully you will be able to relate to the things I write about. <3

My "puppy". He is an 11 month old Great Dane Weimaraner mix that we rescued in February. He is basically my best friend!

My "puppy". He is an 11 month old Great Dane Weimaraner mix that we rescued in February. He is basically my best friend!

Leave me a comment! Tell me what you want to hear about! Tell me if what you think of my posts or ask me a question if you want to know how I did something. You can even e-mail me at

Thanks for reading - Chelsea <3