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The Girl Behind The Green Gift Company


Hello lovely's! I'm Chelsea Green, and I am the owner of The Green Gift Company! I like to get my hands dirty especially if it means I am making something.I want to share my adventures and attempts in doing that with you here on my website. I have always loved creating new things and re-creating old things. The Green Gift Company has become a place to sell some of those things that I love to create so much.

Here is a little about me and the story about how The Green Gift Company started. I have always LOVED giving gifts. At Christmas I am more excited about seeing my friends and family open their gifts than I am about opening my own. Every time a friend or a family member would come to my house they would look around at my decorations or crafts and say, “You could sell these!”. The same thing happened at bridal showers, birthdays, house warming parties and Christmas when I would show up with my handmade or re-purposed gifts. After a while I decided to listen to them and open up my own business. I do everything myself and really treat every item with the same care and attention to detail as I do with things I make for my own home.

Everything gift you see on this site has been made with the same care and attention to detail as I do with things I make for my own home. I am so lucky to have a craft room in my home and a shed in my back yard that have become my very own workshops.

I am inspired by everything around me, especially where I live! I live across the road from fields and woods and fifteen minutes from the beach! I love sitting by the fire in my backyard as much as I love ridding on the boat in the Gulf. Much of my work is inspired by the rustic feel of the woods mixed with the relaxed feel of being on the water.

Everything I make can be customized just for you so don’t be afraid to ask questions or suggest your ideas. My goal is to make you happy so please feel free to email me anytime and I will get back with you as soon as I can. I will do my best to respond to your questions within a few hours. I hope my gifts make you as happy as they make me feel when I am creating them.

Check out my blog for more about me, my company and much more!