Why my mom is my best friend.

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching I wanted to dedicate a post to my Mom. Around 6 years ago I made my mom a frame that said “All daughters become their mothers, that is their tragedy". It was a joke because the truth is, I hope to one day be as amazing as she is! When I was little I would ask my mom who her best friend was. Every time I asked she would always say I was. When she would ask me who my best friend was I would say whoever happened to be my best friend that year in school. I didn't get it, how could I be her best friend, I am her daughter. Now I get it!! I guess it was sometime during college that I "grew up" and realized how awesome she really was. I have been told all my life that I look just like her, but that's not the only thing I want to have in common with her.

Mom,  here is why I love you and why you are one of my best friends.

Mothers day blog

1.      You where majorette in high school and TWIRLED FIRE! If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is! If only I had a picture of you actually twirling the fire...

2.    Family is number one for you. No matter what you take care of us. I hope that our family will always be as close as we are now.

3.     After having your first baby you went BACK to school to get a teaching degree. I can't imagine having to go to school and having a toddler running around.

4.     You played dress up with me, then we would have photo shoots.

5.     You took me fishing.

Mom and daughter fishing.jpg

6.     You make pecan pie for every holiday. It’s your “thing”. Even If you do use the recipe off the Karo Syrup label!

7. You always took me shopping even though I know I drove you crazy.

 8.  You know how to make canned baked beans into a signature dish! Just add conecuh sausage, ketsup, mustard and brown sugar!

9. You gave your first cell phone number and phone to my brother. It was years before you got another cell phone and number just to give it to me a short time after that. Now you have another one but you never know where it’s at and don’t answer it half the time!

10. You and dad moved us to the best place on earth, Gulf Shores, AL.  You still send me pictures of the sunset all the time since I moved out.




12. You cried with me through a bad breakup.

13. Your mean Shitzu Roxy, the wicked witch of west beach, who used to be mine but now she is defiantly yours!

14. You always find a way to get things done and if I need help getting something done, you always help.

15. You sent me to college and gave me the opportunity to do anything I wanted!

16. Then you made it happen when we wanted to open an ice cream shop.

17. When I get overwhelmed at Island Ice Cream I know I can call you.



Perfect Wedding Dress


18. You were there when tried on probably 100 wedding dresses and when we found the right one everyone cheered because I had FINALLY picked one!

19. You tried your best to be involved in planning my wedding even though planning weddings is not your “thing”.  You passed on the planning duties to my aunt Sandra. But I had my dream wedding thanks to you and dad’s funding. Haha

Fairytale wedding.

20.You are the best grandma to my nephews that there ever could be!

21. You worked 25 years as a teacher.

22. Then you acted surprised when I threw you a retirement party.

23. Now you call yourself retired but you still teach online, do bookwork for dad’s store, babysit two or three times a week, help me if I ever need help AND you are looking for another job!

24. We have so much fun every time we are together. Our time is full of laughs and smiles. It doesn’t matter if it’s just me and you or a group we have the best time.

25. You have told me so many times I could sell the handmade gifts I make and that support helped me have the courage to start The Green Gift Company.

26. When I need someone you are always there when I call, so thanks for being my best friend. I love you.